A Handbook of Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

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  • Imprint: Gower
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  • Published: March 2010
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  • Extent: 716 pages
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  • ISBN: 978-0-566-08817-9
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  • Edited by Güler Aras, Yildiz Technical University, Turkey and David Crowther, De Montfort University, UK
  • Series: Corporate Social Responsibility
  • The current economic situation has highlighted deficiencies in corporate governance while also showing the importance of stakeholder relations. It has also raised the profile of the debates regarding corporate social responsibility and shown the inter-relationship with governance. And the two together are essential for sustainable business. The social and environmental contexts of business are generally considered to be as significant as the economic and financial contexts and good governance will address all of these aspects. The combination of these aspects offers long term benefits for a firm, such as reducing risk and attracting new investors, shareholders and more equity as well as sustainable performance.

    Written by experts from all over the world, A Handbook of Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility is the most authoritative single-volume guide to the relationship between good governance and social responsibility and the reality of managing both. In addition to the theory and practice of governance and CSR, the book includes case studies from large and small organizations and NGOs to highlight examples of good and bad practice, and to show international and cultural similarities and differences while at the same time furthering the debate regarding the relationship between good governance and social responsibility.
  • Contents: Overview, Güler Aras and David Crowther; Part I Theoretical Overview: A Luhmannian in the playground – corporate social responsibility from a systems-theoretic perspective, Juliane Riese; What is 'good' corporate governance?, Dominique Bessaire, Céline Chatelin and Stéphane Onnée; Redefining sustainability, Güler Aras and David Crowther; The social contract of business in society, Sandra Waddock; The shifting meaning of sustainability, Mary A. Kaidonis, Natalie P. Stoianoff and Jane Andrew; Corporate social responsibility and accounting, Stuart Cooper; Responsible practices in small and medium enterprises, Antonio Vives. Part II Applying Corporate Governance: Trends in corporate governance, Wallace N. Davidson III, Sameh Sakr and Hongxia Wang; Corporate governance – responsibilities of the board, Maria Aluchna; Shareholder rights and stakeholder rights in corporate governance, Mirella Damiani; The regulatory and legal framework of corporate governance, Hillary Shaw; The agency problem and corporate governance, Güler Aras and David Crowther; Auditing, product certification and corporate social responsibility, Charles Elad; Decisive risk management for corporate governance, Kurtay Ogunc; Corporate social responsibility - a broader view of corporate governance, Güler Aras and David Crowther. Part III Applying Corporate Social Responsibility: The social responsibility of major shareholders, Marc Goergen and Luc Renneboog; External agencies and corporate social responsibility, David Birch; How globalization is affecting corporate social responsibility – dynamics of the interaction between corporate social responsibility and globalization, Özer Ertuna and Bengi Ertuna; Responsibility and performance - social actions of firms in a transitional society, Deniz Erden and Muzaffer Bodur; Feasibility of corporate social responsibility activities practised by SMEs in Uzbekistan – a stakeholders' perspective, Bokhodir Ayupov and Iroda Komilova; Education for ethics and socially responsible behaviour, Kumba Jallow; Socially responsible investment funds, Luc Renneboog, Jenke Ter Horst and Chendi Zhang; Corporate reporting frameworks, Antonio Tencati; Corporate reputation and corporate social responsibility, Stephen J. Brammer and Stephen Pavelin; Corporate social responsibility rating, Henry Schäfer. Part IV Dealing with Stakeholders: Business and environmental responsibility, Ian Worthington; Corporate social responsibility in the creation of shareholder value, Stephan Heblich; Employer duties, Stella Vettori; Whistleblowing – perennial issues and ethical risks, Wim Vandekerckhove; Framing the social responsibility of business – the role of pressure groups – paradigmatic feuds, Álvaro de Regil Castilla; Corporate environmental responsibility from the perspective of systematic and dialectical science, Wang Hong and Wang Xiaoli; Why people do good – promoting responsible behaviours – the myth or reality of persuasion in fundraising letters, Cubie Lau. Part V Experience in Practice: Royal Ahold – the role of corporate governance, Abe de Jong, Douglas V. DeJong, Gerard Mertens and Peter Rosenboom; Embedding corporate social responsibility into the day-to-day life of organisations – a practical system thinking approach, Rob Peddle, Ian Rosam and Pavel Castka; Istiqbol Dilnoza – a corporate social responsibility study of a micro/small business in Tashkent, Rowan E. Wagner; Lessons learned from Washington State's sustainable business program, Kimberly Goetz; Esh added value – a case study in indigenous corporate social responsibility, Riham Rizk and Suzanne Gregory; A case study on the tobacco industry, social responsibility and regulation, Julia J.A. Shaw. Index.
  • About the Editor: Güler Aras is a professor of Finance at Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey, and a Visiting Professor at Georgetown University McDonough School of Business. She is the founding director of The Center for Finance, Governance and Sustainability (CFGS) at YTU. She is the former Dean of the Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences and the Graduate School. Her research focus is on the economy and financial markets with particular emphasis on the relationship between sustainability, corporate governance, social responsibility, and corporate financial performance. She has published more than 20 books and has contributed over 200 articles in academic, business and professional journals. Her most recent co-authored books are entitled The Durable Corporation: Strategies for Sustainable Development, published by Gower, and Governance and Social Responsibility: International Perspectives.

    David Crowther (www.davideacrowther.com) is Professor of Corporate Social Responsibility and Head of the Centre from Research into Organisational Governance at De Montfort University, UK. He is also Chair of the Social Responsibility Research Network (www.socialresponsibility,biz) a worldwide network with over 750 members, organizer of the series of International Conferences on Corporate Social Responsibility (now in its 11th year) and editor of Social Responsibility Journal. He has published 35 books and has also contributed over 350 articles to academic, business and professional journals and to edited book collections. He has also spoken widely at conferences and seminars and acted as a consultant to a wide range of government, professional and commercial organisations. His research is into corporate social responsibility with a particular emphasis on the relationship between social, environmental and financial performance.

    Their joint research is concerned with sustainability, sustainable development and with governance issues. Together they run the Social Responsibility Research Network www.socialresponsibility.biz.
  • Reviews: 'Today's two most important business policy questions – corporate social responsibility and corporate governance impact each other in both direct and subtle ways. This collection rejects the conventional idea that these are separate topics and explores their points of contact, linkages, and their points of divergence. The book's broad and deep collection of ideas from around the world offer a complete, subtle and textured view of this critical intersection. It is essential reading for anyone interested in the modern business enterprise.'
    Kurt A. Strasser, University of Connecticut Law School, USA

    'The governance and responsibilities of corporations are two of the major themes of recent years. Aras and Crowther have brought together a rich and varied set of contributions on these important topics. Those new to the field will find many of the key issues addressed, while those familiar with the existing literature will likewise find much of value.'
    Christopher J Cowton, University of Huddersfield Business School, UK