Rethinking Asia and International Relations

Series editor: Emilian Kavalski, Australian Catholic University (Sydney)

  • This series seeks to provide thoughtful consideration both of the growing prominence of Asian actors on the global stage and the changes in the study and practice of world affairs that they provoke. It intends to offer a comprehensive parallel assessment of the full spectrum of Asian states, organisations, and regions and their impact on the dynamics of global politics.

    The series seeks to encourage conversation on:

    • what rules, norms, and strategic cultures are likely to dominate international life in the 'Asian Century';
    • how will global problems be reframed and addressed by a 'rising Asia';
    • which institutions, actors, and states are likely to provide leadership during such 'shifts to the East';
    • whether there is something distinctly 'Asian' about the emerging patterns of global politics.

    Such comprehensive engagement not only aims to offer a critical assessment of the actual and prospective roles of Asian actors, but also seeks to rethink the concepts, practices, and frameworks of analysis of world politics.

    This series invites proposals for interdisciplinary research monographs undertaking comparative studies of Asian actors and their impact on the current patterns and likely future trajectories of international relations. Furthermore, it offers a platform for pioneering explorations of the ongoing transformations in global politics as a result of Asia's increasing centrality to the patterns and practices of world affairs.
  • For more information on how to submit a book proposal to the series, please contact Kirstin Howgate, at