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Gower Authors - events around the world


Throughout the year:

David Hillson, The Risk Doctor, has regular events throughout the year which can be viewed here. View a list of David’s Gower titles ...


June 2015

2 June, Portsmouth, UK

Gower authors Tony Bendell (Building Anti-Fragile Organisations) and Paul Barnes (Stock Market Efficiency, Insider Dealing and Market Abuse) will be speaking at Counter Fraud and Forensic Accounting Conference.

Terry Sheridan, author of Managerial Fraud will also be attending and joining Gower Publishing at our stand.

8-10 June, California, USA

Kevin Williams, author of The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier, will be delivering a presentation looking into the impact that Augmented Reality technology has on the development of new attractions in the DOE sector at the Augmented World Expo.

15-16 June, Montecatini Terme, Italy

Lorri Zipperer (editor of Patient Safety, and Knowledge Management in Healthcare) will be presenting a workshop at ISCOME 2015. The workshop is entitled: Tacit Knowledge Sharing as a Contributor to Highly Reliable, Safe Patient Care.

15-18 June, Athens, Greece

Huiyan Fu, author of Temporary Agency Work and Globalisation, will be speaking at the Annual International Conference on Anthropology.

16-17 June, London, UK

EVA20: Putting down the roots of good governance sees an array of Gower authors who will be speaking at the event, showcasing their knowledge and expertise. Mark Philips (Reinventing Communication) ‘Communicate better. Particularly with earned value’; Elizabeth Harrin (Customer-Centric Project Management) ‘Imposter Syndrome – does it apply in project management?’; Dr. Haukur Jonasson and Dr Helgi Ingason (Project Ethics) ‘The only way is ethics’; and Phil Driver (Validating Strategies) ‘PRUB: The holy grail, the 3 in 1, proper joined up P3M?’.

20-24 June, Los Angeles, California, USA

Norman Katz, author of Detecting and Reducing Supply Chain Fraud and future publication Successful Supply Chain Vendor Compliance, will be delivering a presentation entitled “Auditing for Detecting & Reducing Supply Chain Fraud” at the IMA Conference and Expo.

22-24 June, London, UK

Massimo Pica, author of Project Life Cycle Economics and Systems Lifecycle Cost-Effectiveness will also be attending the IRNOP Conference.

24-25 June, Manchester, UK

Donnie MacNicol, (Project Leadership) will be speaking at NeuroBusiness 2015 explaining what professionals within the projects world, can learn from neuroscience.


July 2015

2-3 July, Liverpool, UK

Elisabeth Goodman and John Riddell authors of Knowledge Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry are speaking at the CILIP 2015 Conference. Their theme is: how to add value to your organisation as a Knowledge Facilitator.

2-4 July, London, UK

Guler Aras, author of Sustainable Markets for Sustainable Business and editor of Gower’s Finance, Governance and Sustainability Series, will be hosting a panel session on ‘Governance and Regulation in Financial Markets and Institutions: Reaction for Resilience and Sustainable Markets’ at the 27th Annual SASE Conference.


September 2015

2-5 September, Primosten, Croatia

Reinhard Wagner, author of the forthcoming Gower Handbook of Programme Management (December 2015) will be keynote speaker at OTMC conference.