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Gower Authors - events around the world


Throughout the year:

David Hillson, The Risk Doctor, has regular events throughout the year which can be viewed here. View a list of David’s Gower titles ...


September 2015

2-5 September, Primosten, Croatia

Reinhard Wagner, author of the forthcoming Gower Handbook of Programme Management (December 2015) will be keynote speaker at OTMC conference.

16-17 September, Brussels, Belgium

Eva Tutchell and John Edmonds, authors of Man-Made, will be speaking at the 2015 Women Empowerment Forum.


October 2015

1 October, London, UK

Terry Sheridan, author of Managerial Fraud, will be speaking at the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Conference.

14-16 and 21-23 October, Online

Cassie Smith, author of working at a Distance, will be teaching workshops on Global Virtual Collaboration Management Practicum. These three-day sessions will be valuable to anyone getting to grips with managing a virtual team.

18-20 October, Dubai

David Hancock, author of Tame, Messy and Wicked Risk Leadership, will be running his training course entitled Auditing Major Projects and Change Programmes at the MIS Training Institute (MISTI).

19-23 October, Paris, France

The MIS Training Institute’s Forensic Auditing Training Week Course is being run by two Gower Authors; Nigel Iyer - Fraud and Corruption & A Short Guide to Fraud Risk and Richard MinogueThe Anatomy of Fraud and Corruption.


November 2015

12 November, London, UK

Phil Driver, author of Validating Strategies, will be presenting at PMI Synergy