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Gower Authors - guides, comments, articles and videos

In addition to the wealth of knowledge found in their books, Gower’s expert authors share their tips, articles and advice here:



Expert Lectures: Managing the risk of Fraud and Corruption

Watch Nigel Iyer’s video which takes you through the stages of managing the risk of fraud and corruption.


Design Leadership Authority and Writer

Raymond Turner, author of Design Leadership was recently interviewed by the Design Management Institute where he discusses design leadership and its value, importance and impact within organisations.

Insights from some of Ireland biggest business leaders

Raymond Turner’s recent article for the Irish Director discusses design leadership in light of the release of his new book.


Paying the Rent: The Risk Watch Column

Alan Waring’s recent article for Financial Mirror titled Paying the Rent discussing the current issues and risks in Cyprus concerning rent payment.


Britain’s FDI Success

Dan Nicholls article entitled: Bucking the Trend – Britain’s FDI Success discusses the latest World Investment Report by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).


Emerging models for energy efficiency financing

Steven Fawkes has a very active blog with lots of interesting discussions. Here he discusses a flowering of innovation in contract forms and financial structures for energy contracts. Some have the potential to unlock a huge market and transform energy efficiency financing into a mainstream market. Steven takes a look at the emerging contract structures.


A direct marketing application

In the European Journal of Operational Research Kristof Coussement discusses how probability-mapping approaches are validated in a direct marketing setting.


Achieving Business Sustainability in a Turbulent Global Environment

2degrees article by Ian Chambers on Achieving Business Sustainability in a Turbulent Global Environment


How to Create a Best Practice Energy Management Strategy

Author webinar: by Kit Oung Tips on how to create a best practice energy management strategy


Building an Environment for Teamwork

PMWJ article by Tom Wise on Building an Environment for Teamwork


Paul Tunnah interviews John Ansell for Pharmaphorum

Read the article here

When Gurus Get it Wrong

Despite their high status, management gurus aren't always on point when it comes to pharma writes John Ansell in his article in Pharmaceutical Executive


What is flexible working and why do we need it?

Andy Lake’s article for WorkingMums.co.uk and the Local Government News explains the what, why and how of flexible working and what it can do for modern day businesses.

Andy Lake is a specialist in Smart Working and editor of Flexibility.co.uk, the online journal of flexible work and author of Smart Flexibility


Don’t abolish the Charity Commission!

Read Tom Levitt’s article in Third Sector prompted by criticism of the watchdog by the National Audit Office.

SMEs in the Community

Read Tom Levitt’s report, The Social SME, published in collaboration with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and his article published in the Guardian Voluntary Sector Network

Cross-sector partnerships and ‘comensalism’

In his recent article for Ethos Journal, Tom Levitt explains how collaboration between business and charity can yield benefits for both parties.


Certainty comes too late…

Brian D. Smith points out the practical implications of an evolving market in his article for PMLiVE

The Future of Pharma? Speciation, sex and death

In response to demands for the ‘in a nutshell’ version of his research, Brian Smith’s latest article in Industrial Pharmacy gives a slightly fuller version.

Fitness First: How pharma can get in shape for the future

As the market changes, existing capabilities become useless and new ones become essential. In his recent article for PMLiVE, Professor Brian D. Smith describes how pharma companies become fit for the future.


Housing associations face 'storm clouds' in UK

Graham Manville's article for Public Service Europe tackles the subject of benefit reform and its effect on housing associations in the UK.


Jane Sparrow author of The Culture Builders, regularly writes articles and blogs for leading HR, Employee and Internal Engagement organisations…

Jane’s article’s regularly receive hundreds of reads. Read her thought provoking and inspiring

HR Bullets - Jane introduces the five roles every leader and manager needs to create exceptional performance and what HR needs to do to make it happen

Institute of Internal Communication - How to engage your CEO

HRzone - It’s not you, it’s me: how to win CEOs over when it comes to engagement

Workingmums.co.uk - Storytelling at home and at work on workingmums.co.uk

Melcrum Tell a better business story


Hunter v Gatherer – why we need to design differently

Listen to Gloria Moss as Bob Garlick chats with her to delve deeper into the root causes of the differences between men and women. Gloria is the author of Gender Design and Marketing.


Complex Adaptive Leadership Interview

In his interview with illustra.tv Nick Obolensky highlights Exhibition Road in London as an example when asked about the practice of distributed management. Imagine taking a busy road and making it a shared space for pedestrians, bicycles, cars and busses. What if that road had few markings, no traffic lights, no curbs, and instead was sprinkled with benches, trees and lamps? Too chaotic? Would it work?


Maneuvering in a Dynamic Global Payer Environment

In his article for pharmaphorum, Ed Schoonveld of ZS Associates offers an overview of recent changes and trends in the global payer environment.

Think Like a Payer

Ed Schoonveld’s article for PMLive, Think Like a Payer explains very succinctly exactly why it is imperative to build a payer perspective into your product development and pricing strategies.


Two Minutes with John Clare

Communications expert John Clare has a series of 2 minute videos about presentation techniques. Read about John’s background here.


Highlighting Blind Spots

Troubled companies often have flawed strategies. Tony Grundy’s article Highlighting Blind Spots in Accountancy Magazine looks at why you should audit your strategy.


Talking Project Politics

Every project has politics. In a Girl’s Guide to Project Management, Elizabeth Harrin has interviewed Gower author Nita Martin, Managing Director of Pure Indigo who deals with that difficult subject of projects and politics.


Solving GP Education Dilemmas

Christine Jorm’s piece in MJA Insight: Solving GP Education Dilemmas, addresses an issue that has an impact on us all; whether as managers of GP practices, healthcare policy makers or simply as patients. How do we design an effective program of work placements and on-the-job learning for General Practitioners and how do we ensure that the outcome is a positive experience for the GPs, their students and their patients?


Defining Project Success

Dr Emanuel Camilleri has written in PM World Today about going beyond project management to define project success.


Complexity and Crisis in the Eurozone

Chris Mowles, has written an opinion piece for Economia on Complexity and Crisis in the Eurozone.


The Elusive Project Sponsor

A common theme author David West observes is the availability (or lack of it) of a project sponsor and how detrimental a sponsor’s absence is to a project. Even when project sponsors are present, there seem to be few commentators impressed with their level of project knowledge or ability.

David has written an article on this subject of the Elusive Project Sponsor on Wellingtone’s PM Blog.



The Role of HR in Influencing Change

Influence is underpinned by credibility and made easier through relationship and HR practitioners must devote energy to establishing their credibility and building their relationships widely so that when the time comes to need to influence, the ground will be fertile. The art of influence is knowing when to push and when to pull; when to ask and when to tell; when to pace the client and when to lead.

Without influence, the HR practitioner is confined to executing the will of the leaders and cannot add true value to the direction and management of change.

This article (found on the Orion Partners website) is written by Jan Hills who is the partner at Orion Partners and responsible for the HR strategy and HR capability service lines.



Where to start with a security strategy

Studies by Perpetuity Research suggests that as few as 15% of organizations have a wholly convincing security strategy in place; rather an alarming statistic when you consider the environment within which business is operating, particularly international business. Perpetuity make available a free security strategy toolkit on their website; covering strategic analysis, strategy development and implementation, and strategic review. Martin Gill, Director at Perpetuity Research, is author of the chapter 'Motives for Fraud' in Fraud: The Counter Fraud Practitioner's Handbook out next month.


Communication is the key

Dr Lynda Bourne talks to Elizabeth Harrin about helping project managers communicate more effectively with executive stakeholders.


HRD confidence and courage at Carnival Corporation

In the aftermath of the sinking of Costa Concordia Simon Barrow, co-author of Employee Communication During Mergers and Acquisitions, discusses HRD confidence and courage at Carnival Corporation on his blog.


Why charities are best equipped to take a longer view of service delivery

Respecting the slower nature of charities is part of the process of understanding them, says consultant Tom Levitt. His article, in Guardian Professional, argues that the slower, evolutionary momentum of the voluntary sector distinguishes it from the fast-paced, 'quick buck' attitude of the private sector. Tom is the author of Partners for Good: Business, Government and the Third Sector - available July 2012.


Inter-Operability Standards and Intellectual Property

Donal explains the various interoperability standards which fall alongside intellectual property in an article ‘Inter-Operability Standards and Intellectual Property

How to Best Run a Patent Review Board

Donal O’Connell has written an article for the Intellectual Property Expert Group entitled How to Best Run a Patent Review Board.

International patent filing and the challenges and solutions of open innovation

Patent laws have no application or force outside the country in which they are enacted so it is important to determine in which jurisdictions you should obtain patent protection, and on what basis you should make such decisions. Donal O'Connell has written a paper on this subject called International or foreign patent filing strategic considerations and can be found here: The Faculty of Engineering at the National University of Singapore. Donal is the author of Harvesting External Innovation.

Donal has also recently presented a talk on Open Innovation: The Challenges and Solutions, it was recorded at a British Library event in London.


Nurturing Good Behaviours in Your Outsourcing Arrangements

Sara Cullen's article 'Relationship Values Charter' shows you how to design and achieve a relationship culture between you and your outsourcing partners that delivers appropriate value to all parties. All of the free downloads on the Cutter Consortium website are of this quality - I encourage you to have a browse through their collection of articles and downloads which contains a number of real gems. Sara Cullen is author of Gower's The Contract Scorecard: Successful Outsourcing by Design.


20 Tips for Ideation Excellence

Generating and developing innovative ideas is a difficult process. How do you confidently kick-start the ideation phase of any innovative process to create new ideas and concepts effortlessly and without pulling your hair out? Gijs van Wulfen, author of Gower's Creating Innovative Products and Services, has put together 20 step by step tips to guide you to ideation excellence.


Fantastic resources from Assessment & Development Consultants Ltd

Assessment & Development Consultants Ltd (A&DC), have just launched a new resources library on their website. The resource section is full of free downloadable content such as advice guides, white papers and case studies on areas such as Talent Management, Assessment Centres, Learning and Development and Leadership.

Nigel Povah, the CEO and founder of A&DC is also co-editor of Gower's new book Assessment Centres and Global Talent Management.