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Gower Authors - guides, comments, articles and videos

In addition to the wealth of knowledge found in their books, Gower’s expert authors share their advice. The interviews, articles and tips stay on this page for a short while before appearing on the book title page itself so keep an eye on this page for new items.



Financial Planning - the traditional sociology of professions has been questioned and we are now in a period of post-professionalism.

Ken Bruce and Abdullahi D Ahmed discuss their book Conceptions of Professionalism in Business & Technical Management the journal of the Faculty of Professional Business and Technical Management.


The role of purchasing specialist has become more important, risky and in need of particular skills.

With the move away, particularly in the developed economies, to purchasing items higher up the value chain, the role of purchasing specialist has become more important, risky and in need of particular skills. Richard France, author of Finance for Purchasing Managers outlines the requirements of this specialism in a short article for the journal of The Institute of Management Specialists.


Stress to Impress

Drawing on the work of Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Tony Bendell considers the role of the statistician in helping build anti-fragile systems and organisations.


The Business Transformation Podcast interviews

Rob Llewellyn from The Business Transformation Podcast interviews Gerald Bradley author of Benefit Realisation Management.
Gerald, a recognised authority, starts by setting the scene with a brief overview of what is BRM, and goes on to discusses the benefits to organisations and the strengths and values of this approach.


Intellectual Property Risk Mitigation

Donal O’Connell’s latest paper explores Intellectual Property Risk Mitigation.


Seven Habits of Social Sellers

Dale Roberts’ latest post for WIRED’s Innovation Insights blog explores the rise of social selling, and 7 habits that can be easily implemented.


Incentives for volunteering aren’t as simple as they look

Tom Levitt explores how we can best incentivise more people to volunteer, and what incentives might work


Tricks of the Trade: Outsourcing Dos & Don’ts

Derek Parlour shares his top tips on Outsourcing in his latest article for Outsourcing Magazine

Is Multisourcing the Answer? That Depends on the Question...

Derek Parlour’s recent article for Outsource Magazine titled Is Multisourcing the Answer? That Depends on the Question... discusses the benefits of multi-sourcing.


Public-space entertainment

What many still call the "arcade" business has not existed in any serious size for 20-odd years -- the industry that this feature by Kevin Williams covers, is that of the video amusement and public-space sector (also known as the Digital Out-of-Home interactive entertainment industry).


Improving Corporate Memory as a Patient Safety Strategy

Lorri Zipperer – editor of Patient Safety and Knowledge Management in Healthcare – has written a guest blog for National Health Executive.


Expert Lectures: Managing the risk of Fraud and Corruption

Watch Nigel Iyer’s video which takes you through the stages of managing the risk of fraud and corruption.


Design Leadership Authority and Writer

Raymond Turner, author of Design Leadership was recently interviewed by the Design Management Institute where he discusses design leadership and its value, importance and impact within organisations.

Insights from some of Ireland biggest business leaders

Raymond Turner’s recent article for the Irish Director discusses design leadership in light of the release of his new book.


Paying the Rent: The Risk Watch Column

Alan Waring’s recent article for Financial Mirror titled Paying the Rent discussing the current issues and risks in Cyprus concerning rent payment.


Emerging models for energy efficiency financing

Steven Fawkes has a very active blog with lots of interesting discussions. Here he discusses a flowering of innovation in contract forms and financial structures for energy contracts. Some have the potential to unlock a huge market and transform energy efficiency financing into a mainstream market. Steven takes a look at the emerging contract structures.


A direct marketing application

In the European Journal of Operational Research Kristof Coussement discusses how probability-mapping approaches are validated in a direct marketing setting.


Achieving Business Sustainability in a Turbulent Global Environment

2degrees article by Ian Chambers on Achieving Business Sustainability in a Turbulent Global Environment


How to Create a Best Practice Energy Management Strategy

Author webinar: by Kit Oung Tips on how to create a best practice energy management strategy


Building an Environment for Teamwork

PMWJ article by Tom Wise on Building an Environment for Teamwork


Paul Tunnah interviews John Ansell for Pharmaphorum

Read the article here

When Gurus Get it Wrong

Despite their high status, management gurus aren't always on point when it comes to pharma writes John Ansell in his article in Pharmaceutical Executive


What is flexible working and why do we need it?

Andy Lake’s article for WorkingMums.co.uk and the Local Government News explains the what, why and how of flexible working and what it can do for modern day businesses.

Andy Lake is a specialist in Smart Working and editor of Flexibility.co.uk, the online journal of flexible work and author of Smart Flexibility


Certainty comes too late…

Brian D. Smith points out the practical implications of an evolving market in his article for PMLiVE

The Future of Pharma? Speciation, sex and death

In response to demands for the ‘in a nutshell’ version of his research, Brian Smith’s latest article in Industrial Pharmacy gives a slightly fuller version.

Fitness First: How pharma can get in shape for the future

As the market changes, existing capabilities become useless and new ones become essential. In his recent article for PMLiVE, Professor Brian D. Smith describes how pharma companies become fit for the future.


Housing associations face 'storm clouds' in UK

Graham Manville's article for Public Service Europe tackles the subject of benefit reform and its effect on housing associations in the UK.


Jane Sparrow author of The Culture Builders, regularly writes articles and blogs for leading HR, Employee and Internal Engagement organisations…

Jane’s articles regularly receive hundreds of reads. Read her thought provoking and inspiring

The cultural divide: why some projects fail and others succeed - Five roles managers need to embrace in order to create investors

HR Bullets - Jane introduces the five roles every leader and manager needs to create exceptional performance and what HR needs to do to make it happen

Institute of Internal Communication - How to engage your CEO

HRzone - It’s not you, it’s me: how to win CEOs over when it comes to engagement

Workingmums.co.uk - Storytelling at home and at work on workingmums.co.uk

Melcrum Tell a better business story


Hunter v Gatherer – why we need to design differently

Listen to Gloria Moss as Bob Garlick chats with her to delve deeper into the root causes of the differences between men and women. Gloria is the author of Gender Design and Marketing.


Maneuvering in a Dynamic Global Payer Environment

In his article for pharmaphorum, Ed Schoonveld of ZS Associates offers an overview of recent changes and trends in the global payer environment.

Think Like a Payer

Ed Schoonveld’s article for PMLive, Think Like a Payer explains very succinctly exactly why it is imperative to build a payer perspective into your product development and pricing strategies.


Highlighting Blind Spots

Troubled companies often have flawed strategies. Tony Grundy’s article Highlighting Blind Spots in Accountancy Magazine looks at why you should audit your strategy.



Where to start with a security strategy

Studies by Perpetuity Research suggests that as few as 15% of organizations have a wholly convincing security strategy in place; rather an alarming statistic when you consider the environment within which business is operating, particularly international business. Perpetuity make available a free security strategy toolkit on their website; covering strategic analysis, strategy development and implementation, and strategic review. Martin Gill, Director at Perpetuity Research, is author of the chapter 'Motives for Fraud' in Fraud: The Counter Fraud Practitioner's Handbook.


Risk Can Go Up as Well as Down But That’s a Good Thing

Derek Salkeld, author of Project Risk Analysis article for Wellingtone takes a good look at risk management within projects.