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Ashgate’s celebrated range of publishing is evident by the vast number of interdisciplinary titles we produce. With more than 800 new books published annually, a large proportion is centered on various geographical and period-specific fields of study. [more ...]


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Recently Published Titles

Spatial Analysis in Health Geography

Edited by Pavlos Kanaroglou, Eric Delmelle and Antonio P��ez
Binding : Hardback
Price :  £75.00 » Website price: £67.50

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Francis I and Sixteenth-Century France

Robert J. Knecht
Binding : Hardback
Price :  £90.00 » Website price: £81.00

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The Legitimate Use of Military Force

The Just War Tradition and the Customary Law of Armed Conflict

Edited by Howard M. Hensel
Binding : Paperback
Price :  £30.00 » Website price: £27.00

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Interrogating Harmful Cultural Practices

Gender, Culture and Coercion

Edited by Chia Longman and Tamsin Bradley
Binding : Hardback
Price :  £65.00 » Website price: £58.50

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Life Phases, Mobility and Consumption

An Ethnography of Shopping Routes

Helene Brembeck, Niklas Hansson, Michèle Lalanne and Jean-Sébastien Vayre
Binding : Hardback
Price :  £70.00 » Website price: £63.00

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Small Musical Worlds in the Mediterranean

Ethnicity, Globalization and Greek Cypriot Children's Musical Identities

Avra Pieridou Skoutella
Binding : Hardback
Price :  £65.00 » Website price: £58.50

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The Rise of the Modernist Bookshop

Books and the Commerce of Culture in the Twentieth Century

Edited by Huw Osborne
Binding : Hardback
Price :  £60.00 » Website price: £54.00

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