Gower Conferences

Gower titles are exhibited at a range of conferences and exhibitions each year. Follow the links for further details of each of these events.


2014 Conference Programme




May 2014

Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) Live 2014
1-2 May 2014, Brighton, UK

Fraud Advisory Panel Conference on Fraud and War
22 May 2014, London UK

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June 2014

The Alarm National Educational Forum
22-24 June 2014, Manchester, UK

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July 2014

11th International Conference: Civil Society and the Citizen
22-25 July 2014, Muenster, Germany
Donna Shanks and Michelle Spencer

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August 2014

Academy of Management
1-5 August 2014, Philadelphia, PA
Kristina Abbotts and Leigh Norwich

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September 2014

British Academy of Management
9-11 September 2014, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Kristina Abbotts and Donna Shanks

IPMA World Congress
29 September - 1 October 2014, Rotterdam, Netherlands