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More About Gower's Business and Management List

more about businessA constantly evolving publisher of business books, Gower is recognized as one of the world's leading publishers of current best practice in business and management. Our publishing programme covers many of the main business processes and functions and we are continuously developing new titles in areas we feel are right for you.

We have two streams to our business and management publishing. Some of our books are written from a professional perspective for other professionals. Some titles are written from a more academic perspective but have an applied aspect, so will be of interest to both academic and professional/practitioner audiences. Either way, our books are written by authors who are experts in their field.

Our publishing ranges from 1000-page handbooks through practical manuals to specialist paperbacks. These cover all the main functions of management: human resource development, sales and marketing, project management, finance, and so on.

Gower also produces training videos and activity manuals on a wide range of management skills. If you can't find what you are looking for - tell us, we are influenced by what you need that is the way we continuously strengthen our list of quality publications.

The Publishing Director for Gower and Commissioning Editor for professional books is Jonathan Norman. The Commissioning Editor for applied academic business books is Kristina Abbotts.

Finally, everyone wants to know about books and resources to help them with their work, research or study, but we all prefer different ways of receiving such information. Gower offers you free information the way you want it: