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Lund Humphries - Celebrating 75 Years of Art Book Publishing

Celebrating 75 Years of Art Book Publishing

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Recently Published Titles

Leading the Customer Experience

Inspirational Service Leadership

Sarah Cook
Binding : Hardback
Price :  £25.00 » Website price: £22.50

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Value Creation and the Internet of Things

How the Behavior Economy will Shape the 4th Industrial Revolution

Alexander Manu
Binding : Hardback
Price :  £70.00 » Website price: £63.00

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Socialize Your Patient Engagement Strategy

How Social Media and Mobile Apps Can Boost Health Outcomes

Letizia Affinito and John Mack
Binding : Hardback
Price :  £75.00 » Website price: £67.50

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Why Customers Would Rather Have a Smartphone than a Car

Relationship Retailing as an Opportunity

Cor Molenaar
Binding : Hardback
Price :  £42.50 » Website price: £38.25

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The Value Trail

How to Effectively Understand, Deploy and Monitor Successful Business Models

Marc Sanso
Binding : Hardback
Price :  £65.00 » Website price: £58.50

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Always On

Digital Brand Strategy in a Big Data World

Arve Peder Øverland
Binding : Hardback
Price :  £50.00 » Website price: £45.00

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Effective Client Management in Professional Services

How to Build Successful Client Relationships

Jack Berkovi
Binding : Hardback
Price :  £85.00 » Website price: £76.50

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