Fraud and Risk

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Published Dec 2014 to May 2015 in Finance, Risk, HR, PM, Strategy, Business Change, Leadership, Design, Marketing, Pharma


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Recently Published Titles

Procuring Successful Mega-Projects

How to Establish Major Government Contracts Without Ending up in Court

Louise Hart
Binding : Hardback
Price :  £80.00 » Website price: £72.00

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The Tone From the Top

How Behaviour Trumps Strategy

Ian Muir
Binding : Hardback
Price :  £45.00 » Website price: £40.50

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Occupational Risk Control

Predicting and Preventing the Unwanted

Derek Viner
Binding : Hardback
Price :  £75.00 » Website price: £67.50

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The Complete Guide to Business Risk Management

Kit Sadgrove
Binding : Hardback
Price :  £125.00 » Website price: £112.50

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Annual Subscription

The Project Management Community of Practice
Binding : Not Defined
Price :  £144.00 » Website price: £129.60 + VAT

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Project Management for Supplier Organizations

Harmonising the Project Owner to Supplier Relationship

Adrian Taggart
Binding : Hardback
Price :  £70.00 » Website price: £63.00

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A Short Guide to Climate Change Risk

Nigel Arnell
Binding : Paperback
Price :  £17.99 » Website price: £16.19

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