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Published Dec 2014 to May 2015 in Finance, Risk, HR, PM, Strategy, Business Change, Leadership, Design, Marketing, Pharma


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Innovating Professional Services

Transforming Value and Efficiency

Alastair Ross
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Forecasting for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Models for New Product and In-Market Forecasting and How to Use Them

Arthur G. Cook
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Reframing the Leadership Landscape

Creating a Culture of Collaboration

Roger Hayes and Reginald Watts
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Comparative Causal Mapping

The CMAP3 Method

Mauri Laukkanen and Mingde Wang
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The Complete Guide to Business Risk Management

Kit Sadgrove
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Sustainable Markets for Sustainable Business

A Global Perspective for Business and Financial Markets

Edited by Güler Aras
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Exploring Internal Communication

Towards Informed Employee Voice

Edited by Kevin Ruck
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